i'm the piece of shit with the autoplay...
the internet is full of lies and gay porn.

ok why the fuck are porn blogs following me for? they are not even anime, yaoi or gay porn NO! then why on earth are you following me!?


if you don’t like dean don’t even breathe in my direction.

mogchi replied to your post:mogchi replied to your post:ok so i’m kinda pissed…

just do it, people here would say “this is my country and we speak our language so gtfo” but usually I dont even let them bother me because I know Im not fluent, but I can order at mcdonalds around the world. yolo and stuff hah hah

dude as long as i can get all my meals from mcdonalds without a complaint i’m a happy person. and i curse at people all the time in other languages it’s actually very fun to see them react when they can’t understand a thing 


one time i actually thought i had a chance with someone 


if a friend doesn’t say at least one insult while greeting you then they’re not a real friend trust me a real friend will call you all kinds of names after one simple hi cuz they know how much of a piece of shit you are yet they still hang with you